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Scubapro Jet Sport Full Foot Scuba Diving Fins

Original price $78.00 - Original price $79.00
Original price
$78.00 - $79.00
Current price $79.00
Color: Black/Blue
  • Three-material blade construction optimizes flex to maximize kicking performance
  • Drag-reducing vents substantially decrease resistance on both up and down strokes
  • Big blade generates a powerful response in the water and improves stability and maneuverability
  • Ergonomic full foot pocket molds to your entire foot for total comfort during long dives
  • Effective non-skid pattern protects against slips on wet surfaces. Small sizing is ideal for smaller feet

  • The JET SPORT FULL FOOT is lightweight yet delivers lots of propulsion, excellent maneuverability, plus it feels oh-so-comfy on bare feet. Its slightly stiff blade is a tri-material design featuring a pair of soft rubber panels framed in semi-stiff plastic and flanked by thin side rails, producing just the right amount of flex. There are also drag-reducing vents between the blade and foot pocket to decrease resistance on both up and down strokes. This combination generates propulsive kicking power, provides good stability and makes efficient work of frog and dolphin kicks. The rubber full foot pocket molds comfortably to your foot, and the non-skid pattern is effective on wet decks. A great choice for finning in the tropics.
MPN: 25.882.200

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