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We take pride in providing a helpful and friendly environment for our customers to embark upon exhilarating aquatic experiences! All of our endeavors are guided by the unending pursuit of caring, safety, and enjoyment of every one of our customers. We invite you to learn more about the various aspects of our business throughout our website.

The Lancaster Scuba Center was established in 1993. Founder John Walker built his business upon two very important pillars. The first of these pillars is a constant adherence to the pursuit of safety. By providing thorough diver educational development, professional gear servicing, and the pinnacle of quality merchandise, Lancaster Scuba Center ensures the highest standards of safety in the sport of Scuba Diving.

The Lancaster Scuba Center is also involved in an unending mission to protect the environmental and historical riches the underwater world has to offer. Every member of the Lancaster Scuba Center’s Staff fosters a common respect for the diverse biological beauty of the seas and the pieces of shared human history that lie below the waves.


There is a wealth of locations to dive locally in Central PA. There are numerous Scuba Diving Lakes that are specifically designed and maintained for use by divers. These Scuba Diving Lakes feature underwater platforms for classes and skill building.

The lakes also contain underwater attractions such as submerged boats, planes, construction vehicles, and buoyancy practice courses. Many divers go to the lakes nearly every weekend to practice their skills, share camaraderie, and engage in the active and exciting sport of Scuba Diving.

 Organizing a Scuba Diving vacation can be challenging for anyone. Lancaster Scuba Center simplifies taking a diving trip by organizing and leading group diving excursions well within driving distance of Pennsylvania.

You could harvest lobsters on shipwrecks off New Jersey, dig for fossilized sharks’ teeth in the underwater gravel beds of South Carolina, snap pictures of tropical fish in the waters off North Carolina, or explore perfectly preserved shipwrecks in the crystal clear waters in the St. Lawrence River in Canada.

Traveling as a diver internationally can bring you to the most adventure filled destinations in the world as well as the most tranquil locales on the planet. You may swim with sea turtles, eagle rays, and whale sharks in the morning and then watch the sun set over a Mayan ruin in the evening or eat dinner around a Fijian campfire at night.

Lancaster Scuba Center has led diving excursions all around the globe including Bonaire, Fiji, Cozumel, Honduras, Yap, Guam, Curacao, Palau, the Bahamas, Australia, the Galapagos, Papua New Guinea, Saba, Belize, and many more destinations.

Let Lancaster Scuba Center help you book your own trip!

Lancaster Scuba Center believes in practicing the utmost safety while enjoying Scuba Diving. Ensuring diving safety starts with having regularly serviced and maintained diving equipment.​

At Lancaster Scuba Center, we understand that not every diver has all the gear necessary to complete his or her dive gear ensemble. For this reason, we provide a wide variety of regularly serviced rental equipment to fill any temporary needs in your dive gear system.

The Lancaster Scuba Center Filling Station has been designed to bring you the highest quality gas fills, from a basic air fill to the most technical blended gases available.

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