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Gear Servicing

Equipment Service and Repair

Lancaster Scuba Center believes in practicing the utmost safety while enjoying Scuba Diving. Ensuring diving safety starts with having regularly serviced and maintained diving equipment. Lancaster Scuba Center provides a full-service maintenance department. Our staff is experienced in the maintenance and repair of all the equipment sold in our store as well as most other brands. Our thorough inspections and service are performed by manufacturer certified technicians. Our maintenance department also has master certified technicians on staff. The technological features of our maintenance and repair department include state-of-the-art regulator flow benches, a pressure pot for gauge inspection and fine tuning, and blue light and eddy current inspection for neck crack detection in scuba cylinders. Our maintenance department provides a full range of services from scuba tank VIP’s and hydrostatic testing to dry suit repair and battery changes. Our shop is capable of meeting all of your maintenance and repair needs.

Equipment Rental

At Lancaster Scuba Center, we understand that not every diver ready to take the plunge has all the gear necessary to complete his or her dive gear ensemble. For this reason, Lancaster Scuba Center provides a wide variety of regularly serviced rental equipment to fill any temporary needs in your dive gear system.

Lancaster Scuba Center provides the following equipment for rental:

  • Wet Suits
  • Dry Suits
  • Tanks – Aluminum or Steel (Air or Nitrox)
  • Regulator/Octopus/Gauge Sets
  • BCD’s
  • Dive computers
  • Hoods
  • Gloves
  • Cameras
  • Weight

Lancaster Scuba also has 80 cubic foot air tanks available for rental for paintball enthusiasts. These tanks can be used as on-field fill stations to fill paintball tanks on game day.

Compressor/Fill Station

The Lancaster Scuba Center Filling Station has been designed to bring you the highest quality gas fills, from a basic air fill to the most technical blended gases available. All of the air compressed at Lancaster Scuba Center is ultra-filtrated, running through 4 filtrations before the banking cascades and then passing through 2 additional filtrations before entering your Scuba cylinder. As a PADI 5 Star dive center, we are required to have our air analyzed for purity quarterly throughout the year. The Filling Station not only meets the high standards set by PADI but always greatly exceeds them. The Lancaster Scuba Center Filling Station features air and oxygen cascade banks to meet the demand of filling large quantities of Scuba cylinders.

Lancaster Scuba Center’s Filling Station can handle the following fills:

  • Ultra Filtrated Air
  • Nitrox
  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • High Pressure Filling

In addition to filling Scuba Cylinders, the Lancaster Scuba Center is capable of filling your Nitrogen/Air Paintball tanks as well as escape and emergency bottles. All paintball tanks can be filled to 3000psi and high-pressure paintball tanks can be filled to 4500psi by special request.

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