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Scuba Diving in PA

There is a wealth of locations to dive locally in Central PA. There are numerous Scuba Diving Lakes that are specifically designed and maintained for use by divers. These Scuba Diving Lakes feature underwater platforms for classes and skill building.

The lakes contain underwater attractions such as:

Submerged Boats, Planes, and Construction Vehicles

Buoyancy Practice Courses

Unique Species of Local Flora and Fauna

Many divers go to the lakes nearly every weekend to practice their skills, share camaraderie, and engage in the active and exciting sport of Scuba Diving. Links to the local Scuba Diving Lakes are located at the bottom of this page.

One of the most exciting activities to take part in while Scuba Diving is searching for discarded pieces of history left resting in the sand and the mud for us to discover. There are scuba diving sites all across Central PA where you can find old soda and milk bottles, pieces of jewelry, and a vast array of items dating back to the founding of Pennsylvania and even into Pennsylvania’s prehistoric period. We go “crickin”, a term derived to fondly describe this activity, in locations like the Conestoga River, the Susquehanna River, York, Harrisburg, Reading and many other locations. Diving and finding these sites does take some practice, and so we invite you to join us whenever we go “crickin”.

If you would like to join some of our PADI Professionals in local diving, be sure to see where they are venturing in the coming weeks by checking out PA Dive Buddies Facebook page. If you are ever looking for a dive buddy, we are always willing to try to help you find a buddy to dive with.   Just give us a call at 717.39.SCUBA or send us an email at You can contact us at these locations if you would like to find out more about “crickin” as well.

Links to Local Diving Resources

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