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Scuba Trips to Exotic Places

Traveling as a diver internationally can bring you to the most adventure filled destinations in the world as well as the most tranquil locales on the planet. Swim with sea turtles and whale sharks in the morning and watch the sun set over a Mayan ruin in the evening.

Lancaster Scuba’s upcoming international dive trips!

Can’t attend one of the group trips? Our Travel Center can handle your entire individual trip
scheduling needs. We can book airfare, resort reservations, diving and more! Call Lancaster
Scuba at 717.39.SCUBA or email to for more details on group or
individual travel options.

We would like to invite you to join us on our international excursions. Traveling with LancasterScuba on a group diving excursion has many benefits.All of Lancaster Scuba’s dive vacations are organized by our Travel Center. The Travel Centercoordinates and books the necessary travel arrangements, lodging, and dive services neededon each trip. All dive excursions are led by one or more of our PADI Diving Professionals. TheDiving Professionals have a personal knowledge of the regions where they lead their divingvacations and can offer their expert advice and guidance before and during the trip. Many diverslike traveling with the Dive Professionals they have developed trusting relationships with throughthe classes they have taken at Lancaster Scuba.

Nearly all trips offer specialized diving courses before or during each trip so that you can be prepared for the unique diving conditions offered by that excursion’s dive sites. Nearly every trip is preceded by a pre-trip meeting and pool to prepare you with knowledge of the dive sites, the gear needed on the trip, and the itinerary to be expected during the trip. Most trips offer Non- Diver rates so that your non-diving friends and family can join you on your trips and snorkel, explore the country, or just relax on the beach while you dive. Diving on group excursions with Lancaster Scuba is a great way to make new friends and create lasting relationships.

Dive with the Experts

Lancaster Scuba has led diving excursions all around the globe including Bonaire, Fiji, Cozumel, Honduras, Yap, Guam, Curacao, Palau, the Bahamas, Australia, the Galapagos, Papua New Guinea, Saba, Belize, and many more destinations.

St Lucia

Truk & Palau


St Eaustatius

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