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Oceanic QLR 4 Weight Pockets for Oceanic BCDs, Pair

by Oceanic
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$69.95 - $69.95
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  • Oceanic QLR 4 Weight Pockets for Oceanic BCD's
  • Patented QLR Quick Lock Release System
  • Weights Stay-in-Position throughout Dive and Do-Not-Shift
  • Won't Affecting Buoyancy or Position in the Water
  • Simple-to-Load and Easy-to-Release

  • The new QLR 4 design has incorporated a stiffer backing plate, longer guide and an even more rugged locking mechanism over the QLR 3 weight pockets. Oceanic's Weight Pocket utilizes patented QLR Quick Lock Release System that is standard equipment on their new BCD's. You're weights stay-in-position throughout the dive and do-not-shift around affecting buoyancy or position in the water. It also has a retractable D-ring to assist in loading full weight pockets. The weight pockets are simple to load and easy to release. Best of all, Oceanic's Positive-Lock-System helps to ensure that they'll stay put. The weight pocket has 10 lbs (4.5 kg) weight capacity for each pocket 20lbs (9 kg) total. The pockets are made from durable 1680-RG and 1000 Codura material. The Pouches have a Velcro closure to secure weights.
MPN: 08.0093.04

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