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Cressi Console CPD3 (metric) Compass, Pressure Gauge and Depth Gauge

by Cressi
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  • Combines a Compass, a Pressure Gauge and a Depth Gauge.
  • Compass with rotating bezel for easy navigation.
  • Pressure gauge dial is color-coded in red, green and blue for instant readability.
  • Reads pressures to 350 bar or 5000 psi. Mini-depth gauge reads to 70 meters (230 feet). Maximum depth indicator.
  • Compact rubber boot is textured for a sure grip. Weight of console (hose included): 456 g (1 lb).

  • The Cressi Console CPD3 combines a Compass, a Pressure Gauge and a Depth Gauge. It's a very important instrument for monitoring the scuba equipment and dive safe.The Compass features a rotating bezel for easy navigation.The Submersible Pressure Gauge has a color-coded scale that the divers can read at a glance. Reads pressures until to 350 BAR / 5000 PSI.The Depth Gauge reads until 70 meters (230 feet).The both instruments are built with chrome-plated brass case for maximum durability.The textured boot is easy to handle, even while wearing gloves, and can be rigged with a clip or bungee and secured to the diver's BC for a streamlined profile in the water.Weight of the product (hose included): 456 g (1 lb). The length of the hose is 76 cm (30 in).
MPN: KC764460

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