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Casco Cup Menstrual Cup with Aqua Case

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  • INCLUDES: 1 Casco Cup (Size 1, 2, or Mini), Casco Case, Instruction Booklet
  • HOW DO I USE THE CASCO CUP? Make sure to clean your cup in boiling water at least once during your cycle and once at the end, in addition to rinsing it between uses whenever possible.
  • When inserting or removing your Casco Cup, make sure your hands are clean and relax your muscles.
  • After inserting the Casco Cup, gently move your fingers around it to make sure it has regained its circular shape. This will prevent leaks. If it hasn't, gently twist it several times or reinsert it.
  • When removing it, squat over a toilet or in the shower and push your muscles as if you're having a bowel movement. This will help move the cup downward.

  • Forget about your period with Casco Cup. Engineered by female athletes, the Casco Cup offers up to 12 hours of odorless protection. Our leak-resistant design comes in three comfortable sizes.

    Going somewhere? The Casco Cup comes with a purse-tested, easy-to-clean case that's perfect for your suitcase or medicine cabinet.
MPN: CascoCup-Mini

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