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Tilos Fantasia Mask and Sleek Dry Snorkel Set

by Tilos
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Color: Clear
  • The Fantasia Mask features Two-window design with small upper joint for bright and clear view.
  • Quick-adjust strap buckle. Dual tempered glass lenses
  • The Sleek Dry Snorkel is Designed to provide completely dry breathing for both divers and snorkelers
  • Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve
  • Quick release snorkel keeper is both adjustable and detachable. Crystal silicone mouthpiece

  • The Fantasia has been a best selling mask for years because of it's versatility. Fits a wide range of faces and is corrective lens compatible. Please message us at if you choose to purchase your mask with prescription or bifocal lens with your preferred diopter strength. Full lens prescription available in Diopters -8.0 to +3.0. Bifocal lens available in +1.75, +2.25 and +2.75.

    The Sleek Dry Snorkel is available in Diver and Snorkeler versions. The Diver version has a drop away mouthpiece which keep the snorkel out of the way when you switch to your regulator. The Snorkeler version has a rigid flex tube which keeps the mouthpiece in place which reduces jaw fatigue. Both snorkels feature a dry top which keeps water out when the snorkel is submerged. The bottom purge makes it very easy to clear the snorkel of any water that may find it's way in.

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