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Silicone Gear Snorkel Keeper

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Color: Yellow
  • Invented by a dive instructor. Allows you to store your snorkel inside your vest during a dive
  • Made from 100% high-elongation silicone that retains flexibility in cold waters
  • Easy-to-use detachable design
  • May be used to hold a torch or dive light
  • Manufactured in Maine, USA.

  • Invented by dive instructor and photographer David Prichard, the snorkel keeper features an easy-to-button mask strap. This allows you to store your snorkel inside your vest while you dive. You can also attach your torch or flashlight to it by using it sideways.

    The Snorkel Keeper is available in a variety of sizes, all made from high-elongation medical-grade silicone, class VI, and manufactured in the United States. Our material and colorants are UV resistant and maintain their stretchiness in cold waters.

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