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SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000 Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video Light Kit

by SeaLife
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  • POWERFUL LED-LIGHT: The underwater light head features a 3000-lumen wide beam COB LED (BridgeLux V18 COB LED) & a 1500-lumen narrow beam LED (Luminus SST-40-W LED) with 90 CRI that mimics natural daylight
  • IMPRESSIVE BEAM ANGLE: The 120 deg. wide beam evenly illuminates the subject with no hot spots (90 deg. underwater); 15 deg. narrow beam for long reach and creative snoot effect (11 deg. underwater)
  • EASY-TO-USE: One button control for easy operation, constant brightness, 6 light modes, and 60-minute run time at full power make the Sea Dragon one of the best and user-friendly underwater lights
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION - The depth rated to 330 ft corrosion-proof metal light head and waterproof battery compartment which protects internal electronics even if the light accidentally floods
  • INCLUDES: The 3000SF LED light head comes with a powerful removable 25Wh 3400 mAh Li-Ion battery, standard mounting single tray with universal ¼-20 screw, grip, compact travel case, an adapter for GoPro

  • SeaLife has introduced its new compact Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video light. The larger COB LED delivers 3000 lumens in an even 120 deg. wide beam. The light offers an impressive 90 CRI (color rendering index) with a proprietary COB LED array that replicates natural sunlight (A CRI of 100 would be just like natural sunlight). With a simple one-button push, the underwater photographer can switch from the wide 120 deg. beam to a narrow 1500 lumen 15 deg. spot beam. For imaging, the spot beam offers many creative opportunities such as creating a narrowly focused snoot or stage spotlight effect. The narrow beam feature has a long effective range making it useful to see in dark areas and discover hiding fish. The Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam also offers two 180 lumens 88 deg. red LEDs. Red light won’t affect your own eyes' night vision or scare-off light-sensitive sea creatures, a Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video Light simple push on the feature button shifts the light from red to the wide beam at 3000 lumens. The diver is ready in an instant to capture still or video images.
MPN: SL679

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