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SEAC Power Blue 16mm Circular Sling Band for Spearfishing, Made in Italy

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Original price $29.70 - Original price $34.10
Original price
$29.70 - $34.10
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  • 300% of alongation factor
  • Made to offer the best conditions of power/accurancy to the fisherman
  • 100% SEAC Natural Latex
  • High quality material
  • Long durability guaranteed

  • The SEAC Power Blue sling ensure best performances thanks to its technical specifications and in particular to its elongation factor. This important feature is the percentage to which the sling extend. In other words, the sling at rest and the sling under tension, expressed as a percentage. Sling performance is optimized based on the optimal elongation factor without the material losing much of its elastic capabilities. A good quality sling have to keep its standard elastic cabability at 300% of elongation. The SEAC Power Blue sling guarantees the optimal performances even over 500% of elongation. It is made by 100% natural latex and it is available in the following diameters: 14,5mm, 16mm and 17,5mm.
MPN: 1270053031036A

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