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Dive Xtras Blacktip Tech Scooter (Packs Not Included)

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  • SAFE START - The BlackTip propeller will start in a low-power, slow-turning mode if it detects it is not in water. This helps to prevent unintended damage to your scooter or equipment while not actively diving.
  • The BlackTip is powered by a pair of commonly found power tool batteries installed directly into the body. This makes the scooter easy to charge and even easier to extend the length of your dive by swapping out batteries on the fly. The BlackTip accepts 20v (USA only) or 18v DCB-format power tool batteries.
  • The BlackTip features a built-in LED display screen. The screen displays: Current speed setting, Battery Level, Battery errors from battery depletion or voltage inconsistency
  • TRIGGER & SPEED - During normal operation in water, the BlackTip features eight speed modes.

  • With a fully trimmed out scooter body, the BlackTip Tech is ready for anything! Tackle any technical dive with ease, thanks to our longer, balanced scooter design. The BlackTip scooter series now includes three models: the original, compact and lightweight TRAVEL scooter, the neutral and trim TECH scooter, and the EXPLORATION scooter for those who push the limits. The original BlackTip (now the BlackTip Travel) was designed to be a low-cost, recreational and travel scooter. To that end, it had to be as lightweight as possible and work with any and all battery packs. Trim was not possible within these design constraints. Now with many users preferring the larger packs and less concerned about ultimate portability, we can offer the fully trim BlackTip Tech for divers who are okay with a bigger scooter and limiting themselves to 9 and 12Ah packs only.
MPN: DX-004-11000

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