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Apeks XTX 50 Din Scuba Diving Regulator w/ DST

by Apeks
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  • The one high-pressure port and four low-pressure ports are positioned for most common technical diving rigs
  • The over-balanced first stage provides superior performance at deeper depths
  • The first stage is dry-sealed preventing the entry of contaminants as well as ice formation on the main spring
  • The XTX50 second stage is pneumatically balanced for very easy breathing
  • Easy-to-grip opening effort control knob. Suitable for coldwater use. Compatible to EAN 40 new, out of the box

  • This first stage goes to the extreme and never disappoints making it the regulator of choice for technical divers around the world. This regulator is similar to the XTX50 mentioned previously less the rotating turret. The compact first stage is ideally suited for twin manifolds or for use on a single valve.
MPN: RG115128

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